Lincolnshire Inspired Baby Names

Place names have been popular as baby names for a long time, with names like London, Sydney and Paris being among them. Britain has some interesting names for cities, towns, and villages, that as yet remain uncommon and/or unranked on the baby name popularity charts.

British place names are often derived from Saxon, Roman, or Viking names, and can have cool meanings because of that.

I put together a list of Lincolnshire place names that I think could be great for a new baby.

Lincolnshire is located on the east coast of England, and has lots of fields and farming, which does seem to indicated in a lot of the meanings.

Let me know which of these names, if any, you like.

Alford – Old ford

Alvingham – Homestead of Ælf

Anderby – Arnthorr’s farm

Ashby – Ash tree farm

Blyton – Blitha’s farm

Boston – Botwulf’s stone

Brigg – Bridge

Brigsley – Bridge clearing

Carrington – Carr’s town

Corringham – Cora’s homestead

Covenham – Cofa’s homestead

Crowland – Bend land

Denton – Valley farm

Digby – Ditch settlement

Dunholme – Dunna’s homestead

Grantham – Gravel village

Grimsby – Grimr’s farm

Harrington – Haerra’s town

Holton – Hill town

Lincoln – Colonial settlement of Lindum

Quarrington – Quern farm

Rigsby – Ridge farm

Roxby – Rauthr’s farm

Ruckland – Rooks grove

Scotton – Scot’s farm

Somerby – Summer town

Somersby – Summer town

Tathwell – Toad stream

Thoresby – Thorir’s farm

Wildsworth – Wifel’s enclosure

Willoughby – Willow tree farm

Winthorpe – Wina’s farm

Yarburgh – Earth fortification

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