Friday Face-Off: Alien Encounter

Friday Face-Off is a weekly meme originally created by Books by Proxy, and is currently hosted by Lynn’s Books.

The idea is to compare different book covers of the same book, based on a weekly changing theme.

The theme for this week’s Friday Face-Off is Alien Encounters, and the book I chose is War of the Worlds written by H. G. Wells.

I have three book covers that I really like, for varying and sometimes slightly conflicting reasons.

I like the simplicity of this one. While the cover doesn’t tell you much about the book itself, I do enjoy how beautiful this book cover actually looks.

In contrast to the one above, I enjoy how ominous the picture on this book cover looks. It has a completely different feel to the simpler cover, but this one is a favourite for that reason.

My absolute favourite cover is this one. Like the previous book cover I mentioned, I love how ominous and creepy this one feels. But because the creature is more in the background it somehow just feels more chilling.

What do you think? Which of these book covers do you like best?


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