2021 Knitting Goals

2020 was a mixed bag for me. In some ways, I quite enjoyed the slowness of the early days of lockdown. I enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with my child, the quietness of the neighbourhood, and discovering new places around the neighbourhood to walk. My daughter and I enjoyed the wildlife that seemingly thrived while the city was on lockdown. We saw birds we had never seen in our area, and more deer than ever. We enjoyed taking the distance learning outside and finding beautiful scenery in which to do our grade 1 reading and math. But as time went on, this lockdown life has gotten old. I have found myself worn down and less energized as time as progressed while nothing really changed. My moods became effected, and I began having trouble finding enjoyment in some of my hobbies, or too worn out to even bother at all.

I haven’t managed to pick up my knitting needles in months, but now I plan to change that, and hopefully get back to my old self. My goal for 2021 is to knit more and learn a few new techniques.

Knitting Goals

  • Learn to knit cables
  • Knit a completed sweater
  • Improve colourwork skills
  • Knit 15 finished objects in 2021

Patterns I want to knit in 2021

Are there any knitting patterns you are hoping to try this year?

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