25 Names For A Bearded Dragon

If you love names, naming pets is always fun and exciting. Every bearded dragon I’ve met has had their own unique personality, and finding them fun and interesting names is always

Albie – a short form of Albert, Albie means noble and bright.

Astrid – Astrid comes from an old swedish name, and means beloved by god.

Audrey – Audrey means noble strength.

Blue – taken from the colour.

Clover – taken from the name of a wild flower.

Coriander – taken from the name of a herb.

Della – a diminutive of the name Adelaide, Della means noble.

Eamon – the Irish form of Edmund, Eamon menas rich protection.

Hades – taken from the name of the Greek god of the underworld.

Hunter – from the word meaning to hunt.

Kingsley – Kingsley means king’s meadow.

Leaf – taken from the part of the plant.

Lola – Lola is a diminutive of Delores, and means sorrow.

Millie – Millie is a short form of the name Mildred, and means gentle strength.

Opal – taken from the gemstone, Opal is the birthstone for the month of October (perfect for an October adoption day)

Oscar -Oscar means deer friend.

Rocket – another name for Arugula (which my dragons eat) is Rocket.

Saffron – taken from the name of the spice.

Sage – taken from the herb.

Sophie – Sophie means wisdom.

Thea – short form of the name Theodora.

Theo – short form of the name Theodore.

Vaughn – Vaughn means little.

Willow – taken from the name of a tree.

Zeke – Zeke is the short from of the name Ezekiel.

Do you have a bearded dragon? What are they called? Let me know in the comments!


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