Book Review: God Of Manna

God Of Manna by Daeus Lamb

The hideous God of Manna has taken away the soul of Mortristan’s father. Now, it is Mortristan’s doom to find what his father never could: something worth living for.

But when Mortristan is forced to hunt an intruder in the God of Manna’s paradise-city, he learns just how enslaved he is. As bad as life is with the God of Manna, it’s impossible to live without him. Can Mortristan really sacrifice everything he has to find just one thing that’s lasting?

The God of Manna has reigned for millennia and he does not take rebellion lightly…

The world needs a savior. And if Mortristan doesn’t find a way of escape, he will too.

The story telling and imagery in God Of Manna is beautiful and cleverly written. It’s almost like a fairytale, only much deeper and darker. The world that Daeus Lamb has created, though incredibly beautiful on the outside, is full of dark secrets.

The story centers around Mortristan, who after the death of his father, inherits the title of lord. When Mortristan finds someone trespassing on his land, he is determined to find out the meaning behind this meeting, and his greater purpose in a world controlled by the God Of Manna. Mortristan is a whimsical, funny character, filled with a whole lot of sorrow that makes him feel incredibly real.

God Of Manna is full of themes of human greed, hope, determination, and sacrifice, that left me thinking well after I had finished reading.

It is a relatively short book, and parts of it did feel rushed and unfinished in places, slightly hard to follow in some parts, and I had to read it a second time to fully catch some of the details I missed during the first read through. I feel like the book could be longer, just because a bit more of the story could have been developed with a little extra space and more pages. As deep as the story is, more could have gone into character development and world-building. For example, there were several glimpses into Mortristan’s backstory, and I would have loved to see more of that.

I received a free ARC for God Of Manna via Voracious Readers Only. This is my honest review.

Have you read God Of Manna? Let me know your thoughts!

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