5 Reasons Why You Should Read “The Stars Of Whistling Ridge”

The Stars Of Whistling Ridge by Cindy Baldwin

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In this new novel from the Indies Introduce author of Where the Watermelons Grow and Beginners Welcome, an almost-thirteen-year-old with an almost-complete sentence for a name embraces her destiny to search for a forever home.

Ivy Mae Bloom, whose name is one letter away from a complete sentence, has lived her entire life on the road. Her mama is a fallen star who travels near and far to tend to the magic that underpins our world. When Ivy steals Mama’s entire supply of wish jars in the hopes of finding a forever home, a series of disasters strands the Blooms in Whistling Ridge, North Carolina, with Mama’s two star sisters. Ivy knows her wish has been granted and that Whistling Ridge is her forever home—she just needs to convince her parents to stay.

But something is draining the magic from Whistling Ridge, and the star sisters can’t stop it. With help from some new friends, Ivy stumbles across a clue in the town’s history that might explain the mysterious force threatening Whistling Ridge . . . but if the town’s magic is healed, Mama will want to move on. Ivy must choose: Can she help her mama and aunts lift Whistling Ridge’s curse—even if it means losing the only place she’s ever called home?
  • The Stars Of Whistling Ridge is a magical story about Ivy Mae Bloom, a 12 year old girl who lives in an RV with her family. Her mother is a fallen star, which means she gathers magic and wish dust, in order to give these wishes to other people. Ivy and her family are always on the road, rarely in one place for very long. They are never anywhere long enough to put down roots. Never long enough for Ivy to bloom.

  • Ivy is tired of constantly living on the road, so she takes matters into her own hands to wish for a permanent home. Initially it works, the family need to stay with relatives in Whistling Ridge. But it soon becomes apparent that something is very wrong with the town. The magic is dying.

  • There is a lot of story packed into this little book. It deals with growing up, family, belonging, and home.

  • Ivy’s character is well developed. She’s strong, brave, and quirky. She makes some questionable decisions, but she is 12, you kind of expect it. Her mother is completely dedicated to her calling, but it does mean that Ivy and her siblings constantly end up on the back burner. Ivy’s youngest sister Sophie annoyed me quite a bit, but she’s 8, and 8 year olds can be annoying. The rivalry between Ivy and Sophie reminded me a lot of my relationship with my own sister (the age difference between us is the same as between Ivy and Sophie).

  • The entire story is narrated from the POV of Ivy, and it is both thoughtful and full of emotion. I really enjoyed the way that Ivy came across. It is a middle grade novel, but in some parts it does have an adult feel.

Do you like middle grade? Books about magic? Have you read The Stars Of Whistling Ridge? Let me know in the comments.

I received a free ARC for The Stars Of Whistling Ridge via netgalley. This is my voluntary review.

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