#DoTheThingAthon Reading Challenge

#DoTheThingAthon is a readathon hosted by Ashley @ Frolic Through Fiction on YouTube. #DoTheThingAthon is a readathon that runs from May 24th to May 30th, in which participants work towards their reading goals, no matter what those goals might be. Want to work through that TBR or read for an hour a day, whatever you want, this really is a challenge that you can make your own. There will be live reading sprints hosted daily on Twitter throughout the week, so I will link the Twitter page for more information.

So What Am I Planning To Read?


I have a couple of ARCs I would like to read this week. I have both The English Girl and The Shut Away Sisters on my Netgalley shelf, so I’m excited to dive into them both this week. Both of them are historical fiction, which is a genre I’ve been loving lately. I’m hoping these two live up to my expectations.

Currently On My Kindle

I’d like to clear some space in my Kindle Unlimited library, so I’m hoping to read Allie And Bea, and Credence this week. I’ve heard good things about Penelope Douglas, but I’ve never read any of her books yet. I’ve had Credence on Kindle for a few weeks. Allie And Bea is not one I had heard of before, but I stumbled across it while I was searching for something else and the blurb sounding so intriguing I knew I needed to check it out.


These are two books that are sitting on my bookshelf but haven’t yet made it onto the ‘I read it’ pile. I got ‘Tis from a nearby Little Library, and Small Great Things is one I bought years ago.

I probably won’t read all of these in the space of a week, but I like to give myself a few choices in case I’m not in the mood for a specific book at a specific moment.

Do you like participating in reading challenges?


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