Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon Readathon June 2021

So this week I have been participating in the #DoTheThingAThon readathon on twitter, and I seem to have fallen down the readathon rabbit hole and found even more to participate in. I don’t generally do readathons or challenges (I tend to sign up, but usually get distracted half way through), but I’ve been trying to read a wider variety of things this year, and I like the sound of Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon, so I’m giving it a whirl.

Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon is hosted by book browsing blog, and while there are teams and prompts, ultimately it is a read what you want, as much as you want, in whatever style or format you want. Basically anything goes. That sounds fun. It runs from June 1st til June 30th, and I can’t wait.

So there are fifteen prompts. Each book you read can be applied to more than one prompt, and you can fill each prompt as many times as you like. I am planning to do five buddy reads throughout the month of June, so I will be able to cross off the buddy read prompt five times as long as I complete all of those planned reads. I can also read books that don’t apply to any of the prompts and earn points still, so it really is a choose your own adventure type of a thing.

I haven’t yet planned out all of my books for this readathon yet, but I do have a fair few in mind.

Cover reminds you of a pride flag

Author’s Debut

Buddy Read

Disability/Mental Health Representation

Cover Features Team Colour (orange)

Have you read any of these books? Do you like readathons? Let me know your thoughts!

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