Summery Cozy Mysteries On My TBR

I love cozy mysteries, and I love summer. What better way to combine the two things than to spend the summer evenings reading some cozy mysteries. I have quite a few on my TBR list that I am dying to dig into during this summer. Most of these books have titles that just scream summer.

I don’t currently have a ton planned for the summer. Lots of backyard camping with Lottie, probably a few hikes, and hopefully the beach will be open. I invested in a bunch of backyard games last summer to get us through that lockdown, Lottie loves croquet and ladderball (after I watched three youtube videos to help me figure out how to put that thing together), and a tetherball set that neither of us are particularly skilled at.

I love summer. Sitting outside in the evening with a blanket and a book. Grilling everything on the bbq. Running through the sprinkler with Lottie. Water balloon fights.

Summery Cozy Mysteries On My TBR

Have you read any of these summery cozy mysteries? Do you have any of them on your TBR? Have you got anything exciting planned for the summer? Let me know in the comments!

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