Book Review: Rayna’s Sacrifice

Rayna’s Sacrifice by A.D. Lombardo

Locked in a battle against the Katori Guardians, Kai, the headstrong Prince of Diu, must fight to claim his birthright, but gaining access to his magic will not be easy. In an epic struggle, he lays everything on the line to gain the power he needs to search for his mother, Mariana. With Rayna, the love of his life, by his side, he fights for the life he never knew he wanted.

When Kai meets his long-lost grandfather, Lucca, he realizes that Lucca has very different plans for Mariana’s fate. Their lack of trust soon puts them at odds, but when it comes time to test his will against that of his powerful grandfather, will Kai be able to control his newfound abilities? And how could he have foreseen his choices would put him on a collision course with his murderous father, Keegan?

Caught up in a magical life, Rayna must discover her own identity and the range of her new powers. Although her adopted parents gave her everything, she always wanted to know where she came from. While finding her sister gave her comfort, coming face to face with her mother may not be all she hoped. With Keegan hot on their heels, Rayna does the unthinkable and may suffer the consequences. 

Rayna’s Sacrifice is the third installment in the Katori Chronicles.  It focuses on Kai, a teen prince from Diu with half Katori blood and a few gifts, and Rayna, an intelligent and completely capable love interest.

Kai and Rayna have an action packed journey in this book, with crazy quests through forests, caves, and mazes.  There is so much going in that you can’t help but be excited to discover just what is going to happen next.  And Kai and Rayna make such a great team, leaning on each other and using each other’s skills and strengths to get them through each task.  There is not a weak member of the team, just two people working together harmoniously, which I loved. 

I also love that Rayna is not merely a love interest but a fully rounded character with strengths and weaknesses that compliment Kai, and offer plenty to the team.  The two of them have such respect for each other and support both physically and emotionally which is great to see.

We get to see a lot of Rayna’s individual growth and journey in this book too, rather than just the changes in Kai.  Her fate is wrapped up with Kai, but she does have a story of her own and it is great to see the changes within her during these chapters.

Kai shows a lot of growth too.  He is struggling to learn who he truly is, but he takes so much in his stride while grappling with the rest.  There is so much that Kai and Rayna don’t know or understand yet, but they embrace every single challenge that greets them.  Without whining, they just get on with it.

Rayna’s Sacrifice is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions.  The storyline moves incredibly fast, constantly from one adventure to the next.

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