Book Review: Lil’s Bus Trip

Lil’s Bus Trip by Judy Leigh

Lil’s Bus Trip is a fun story about a group of people on a bus trip through Europe. Lil and Maggie are in their 80s, Lil’s daughter Cassie is a poet with a banjo, and they are accompanied by a mini bus filled with an array of people and personalities.

I had mixed feelings about Lil. On one hand, she seems like good fun and absolutely wonderful in small doses, but on the other, I found her character to be quite exhausting at times. Like, I wouldn’t actually want to be on the bus with her. I did enjoy that Lil booked and all but dragged her neighbour Maggie, and daughter Cassie along for the ride with her, and she had plenty of loveable, quirky moments. But I could only handle her in small doses.

I loved Cassie. Cassie is Lil’s daughter, a travelling poet, and she plays the banjo whilst reciting her poetry. She’s fun, but a bit more sensible and down to earth than Lil. I think that is the reason I preferred her character. I flew through the sections about Cassie, the parts that focused on Lil did drag at times.

It is a great road trip adventure, and I enjoyed the cast of colourful characters that were along for the ride. The descriptions and imagery were so vivid that I felt like I was also there.

Lil’s Bus Trip is an entertaining and humorous read, and despite my not quite loving Lil, I did appreciate the adventure that the group was on. I also liked that both Cassie and Lil go on personal journeys as well as a sightseeing one, and they each experience growth and revelations about themselves.

There are some particularly amusing parts to the book that did have me laughing. The group finds themselves in the red light district, and the reactions from Maggie and Lil definitely put a smile on my face.

Have you read any books by Judy Leigh? Any good road trip fiction? Let me know!

Netgalley provided me with the ARC copy of Lil’s Bus Trip. These are my honest thoughts.

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