Book Review: Bly

Bly – Kelsey Ketch

I left the United States to find inner peace. Instead, I find myself confronting a malicious ghost.

Astyr Salt is a spiritual and emotional empath who moved to England with the intent to forget about a traumatic, supernatural event that occurred during her freshman year of college. However, when she takes a spiritual cleansing assignment in a haunted country home in Essex, she is isolated with all her own pent-up emotions.

These emotions energize the ghosts inhabiting the country home, helping them draw their own tragedies to the surface. Searching for the truth, Astyr is forced to relive the past. And the deeper she dives into the country home’s horrific history, the more the intertwined memories place her in the path of an evil and demented predator.

A blend of contemporary fantasy, horror, and mystery, Bly is inspired by Henry James’s classic novella, The Turn of the Screw.

I spent almost the entirety of Bly trying to figure out:

(1) what was going to happen next, and

(2) whether or not Astyr was actually going to survive it

so that had me going. I do quite enjoy a horror story, and this one felt like I was watching a movie unfold in front of me. It wasn’t a horror as such, in the way that it wasn’t all that spooky, but there was a ton of supernatural type stuff so it still felt like it fits in the horror/spooky kind of theme.

So Astyr is a spiritual empath. She can share the feelings of another person, and she believes and can feel spirits. The ghosts/spirits in this book aren’t exactly your cute, cuddly, friendly ghosts, so being a spiritual empath doesn’t really work out too well and leads to a lot of problems for Astyr.

This is a book with a very fast – pace, so it was easy to sit down and read this in one sitting. I like to read horror/spooky things quickly or close together anyway so that I don’t get pulled out of the emotional aspect of it, and the storyline was interesting enough to keep me sucked in until the end. I liked Astyr, the character felt very real to me, which definitely helped me to stay within the story.

Do you like a spooky story? Let me know!

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