Top 5: Thriller Tropes That Don’t Scare Me

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan reads.

This week’s topic is looking at horror/thriller tropes that I either don’t find scary or particularly thrilling.

  1. The stalker ex & domestic abuse/controlling partners. I can handle small amounts in a book, but stalking or domestic abuse or controlling partners sets off my anxiety. I just don’t find it to be particularly enjoyable to read about.
  2. Cults. I tend to avoid books about organized cults or religious groups. Thrillers set around cults is not a trope I particularly enjoy.
  3. Unreliable or chaotic narrators. When the narrator or plot is too busy or chaotic, I can’t always follow what is happening or tell who to trust/believe.
  4. Random amnesia. Characters, particularly the protagonist having amnesia, is not really a trope I read.
  5. Inheritance plots. When rich relative conveniently dies within the early parts of the book, I tend to be able to figure out exactly where the rest of the plot is going. If I can guess the ending of a thriller too easily, it’s not exacting thrilling.

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