Weekend Reading Plans: Jan 7 2022

It has been freezing here all week long, with windchills of -40, but it is supposed to warm up to -15 which will be nice. My daughter has her first gymnastics class of the year tomorrow (as long as it isn’t cancelled before then), and is back at school on Monday so it seems like life might start getting back to normal after the chaos of the holidays. Christmas is a nice mix of not long enough and being glad it’s over for me, and I always start January with complete optimism that this is my year.

What Am I Reading?

I found a version of A Christmas Carol on Audible that is narrated by Hugh Grant, so I’m going to listen to that a bit later today. I need to get some general decluttering done, so I’ll throw on the audio book while I get it done.

I’m also planning to start I Invited Her In by Adele Parks. I have been loving psychological thrillers lately, so hopefully this one won’t disappoint.

What Am I Watching?

I want to start Wheel Of Time on Prime, and Lottie and I are planning to watch the Disney movie Encanto together tomorrow night.

What are your weekend reading plans? Let me know!

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