25 Names For A Bearded Dragon

If you love names, naming pets is always fun and exciting. Every bearded dragon I’ve met has had their own unique personality, and finding them fun and interesting names is always Albie – a short form of Albert, Albie means noble and bright. Astrid – Astrid comes from an old swedish name, and means belovedContinue reading “25 Names For A Bearded Dragon”

Lincolnshire Inspired Baby Names

Place names have been popular as baby names for a long time, with names like London, Sydney and Paris being among them. Britain has some interesting names for cities, towns, and villages, that as yet remain uncommon and/or unranked on the baby name popularity charts. British place names are often derived from Saxon, Roman, orContinue reading “Lincolnshire Inspired Baby Names”

54 One Syllable Girl Names

One syllable names have become incredibly popular in the middle name spot for little girls. One syllable names seem to flow so nicely with so many first name possibilities, it is no wonder they are such big hits. This list of 54 one syllable girl names will hopefully inspire and offer a few new choicesContinue reading “54 One Syllable Girl Names”

50 One Syllable Boy Names

Sometimes simple is better, and these one syllable baby boy names can prove sometimes less is more. One syllable names have been popular as middle names for a long time now, but they can also be nice as a short and sweet first name. Arch – a short form of names like Archibald and Archie,Continue reading “50 One Syllable Boy Names”