Book Blitz: Between

Synopsis Lana Hathaway wasn’t supposed to die. But when she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a handsome guardian angel named Kade, Lana learns she has just drowned in her best friend’s swimming pool. Kade explains that because of her untimely death, Lana has become a Watcher like him—a soul stuck in limbo between Earth and Beyond. However,Continue reading “Book Blitz: Between”

Book Blitz: The Liars Beneath

Synopsis A romantically dark YA thriller set in the backdrop of Iowa’s suspenseful farmlands.After a tragic accident ends her best friend’s life, 17-year-old Becca Thompson succumbs to grief the only way she knows how: by wallowing in it. She’s a fragment of the person she once was—far too broken to enjoy the summer before her senior year.Continue reading “Book Blitz: The Liars Beneath”