Friday Face-Off: Middle Grade

Friday Face-Off is a weekly meme originally created by Books by Proxy, and is currently hosted by Lynn’s Books.

The idea is to compare different book covers of the same book, based on a weekly changing theme.

The theme for this week’s Friday Face-Off is middle grade, and the book I chose is one of my favourites from my childhood – The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4, written by Sue Townsend. This book was one of my absolute favourites so I am excited to check out all the covers for this particular book.

I like the simplicity of the orange book cover, the colour choice is bold and bright, while still having a classic feel to it.

This one is my least favourite, the constant repetition of the image just feels too busy for my liking, and it would probably bother me to have it on the bookshelf, especially since the other book covers do seem to be sleeker in appearance.

This one is my favourite book cover. I seem to have a fondness for the cleaner looking white book covers, and this one would be my preference over all.

What do you think? Let me know which of these book covers you like best.

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