Book Review: Fearbook Club

Fearbook Club – Richard Hamilton

The new kid in middle school is tossed in with the misfits of the Yearbook Club only to uncover a mystery going back decades: One student from each class goes missing every year, and no one seems to care. Now, the “club” will be pulled into supernatural peril as they attempt to solve these mysteries, all while being harangued by their drama-inclined advisor, their creepy principal and, oh yeah, the ghosts of those kids who have disappeared. 

First of all, the illustrations in this graphic novel are absolutely stunning, I loved a lot of the detail used in the images. There is an element of darkness in every picture which really set the tone of the story which I enjoyed.

New student Whit Garcia is a budding photographer who is thrown into the school Yearbook Club, in order to make friends and be involved in the school community. The entire story takes a creepy turn from there. The rest of the Yearbook Club consists of identical twins Hester and Hillary, delinquent Press, and an eccentric drama teacher who is more interested in his own non-existent acting career than he is in either yearbook club or teaching.

I would have liked the story to have been a bit longer, as I feel it was a bit rushed in parts, and I would have just enjoyed a longer and more in depth storyline. I feel like there were a few details and information that was left out that would have been helpful. For example, the school principal kept throwing out the word centuries a lot in reference to her time teaching, and her storyline was never fully touched on, and I had so many questions about her that were left unanswered.

This ARC copy was provided by Netgalley, and this is my honest review.


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