5 books I’ve loved so far in 2021

It’s June. Halfway through the year. Does it feel that time goes both fast and slow at the same time? One minute January feels like it was years ago, and the next it feels like New Years Eve was last week.

Since we are already half way through the year, I felt like looking back at the books I’ve read so far this year.

5 books I’ve loved so far in 2021

  • A Crafty Crime – Eryn Scott. This was the first cozy mystery I had picked up in a long time. It got me back into a genre I didn’t look at very often.
  • Big Sexy Love – Kirsty Greenwood. Big Sexy Love made me laugh and cry. It was incredibly funny with plenty of sad moments weaved in.
  • The House By The Sea – Louise Douglas. I still think about The House By The Sea months after I first read it. It sent chills down my spine and I was on edge the entire time I was reading it, but really, it was a story. I love when books keep me thinking long after I’ve read the final page.
  • Tanabata Wish – Sara Fujimura. Tanabata Wish took me on a mental vacation to Japan.
  • What If? – Shari Low. Another comedy. This one involved an international adventure tracking down past loves, to find out if the right one was one that previously got away. A bit predictable in places, but a funny story nonetheless.

What have been your favourite books so far in 2021?


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